A downloadable game

Late 2016 I decided to go indie and make games of my own.

As a launch project to get warmed up (and test myself), I decided to recreate a portion of a favorite of mine, The Neverhood.

I used UE4 as this is my engine of choice, and I recreated everything from scratch:
3D Models, Textures, Animations, Game Logic, Lighting, Shaders, it was all made custom for this project based on the original, and is rendered in full real time 3D.

Additionally, the whole process was broadcast live on Twitch and is now available on Youtube, as an archive. This is the full, uncut development process - meaning over 250 hours of my cringy self learning, struggling, sweating and chipping away at this project. You can follow me on Twitter for some updates on my current projects.

If you like this, I encourage you to check out the original! It's playable via ScummVM.
And if you'd like to support my future endeavors, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Install instructions

Download the .rar file and unpack it.
It should work right away.

You will notice this is a very raw package, there's no installer or anything of the sort. This is not intended to be an official, secure release, nor is it 100% bug-proof. You will find bugs. Try to enjoy it for what it is. :)


NeverhoodUE4.rar 351 MB